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FELDENKRAIS-RELATED WORKSHOP: Artist Moms: Supporting Creative Mothers of All Kinds | Sheri Cohen

  • Private Home Mount Baker Seattle, WA (map)

With Sheri Cohen & Arni Adler


Info/Registration: | 206.914.4161 |

How can I continue, when the structure of my creative life has changed so much, and the demands on me are so great?

How can I adapt my creative process to the new constraints defining my time and resources?

How is it that even when my time opens up, I find it difficult to pick up the thread again?

Two artist moms (Arni Adler: visual artist/musician/writing teacher; and Sheri Cohen: dancer/yoga and Feldenkrais teacher) bring together decades of creative work and proven teaching methods to provide a nurturing and practical process for moving artists along their creative path during (and after) the most challenging years for artistic output.

This three-hour workshop includes:

  • Creative exercises to stimulate and inspire (and which apply across disciplines);
  • Writing and visual work to discover, expand and organize thinking;

  • Defining projects and identifying manageable steps;

  • Trouble-shooting obstacles;

  • Guided physical awareness through the Feldenkrais Method as it relates to creative process;

  • Carefully guided group facilitation.

Artwork: “The Helpful Hand” (detail) by Arni Adler.