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FELDENKRAIS WORKSHOP: Balance in Action-Heads Up!?! | LeeAnn Starovasnik

  • Soma Yoga 1423 NW 70th Street Seattle, WA (map)

Carry your head high, 

Increase your confidence and ease in your daily activities,

Reduce the risk of falling, and

Expand your possibilities now and for your future!  

The carriage of your head is key to your comfort and safety in the world since you see, hear, smell and sense so much of the world around you from your head. The weight of the head is often compared to that of a bowling ball, how you carry your head contributes to your comfort or discomfort in your neck, back and shoulders and can contribute to your balance in walking, hiking and climbing stairs. During this workshop you will be invited to move in slow gentle ways, align with your center, sense and improve your balance as you sit, stand and walk.

Perfect for anyone who seeks relief from head, neck, shoulder pains or for those who would like to improve their balance in walking. No Feldenkrais experience necessary.

Early bird rate by 8/11/18: $50 each (in advance); single workshop $75 each; all three summer workshops $130 ($225 value!)


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