JANELLE KEANE CAMPOVERDE | Fremont + Wallingford


Janelle Keane Campoverde, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®, developed courses in Somatic Education for Antioch University and has taught master classes at universities including the University of Washington, Southern Methodist, Bastyr Universities and Whitman College. She has been an adjunct professor at Evergreen State College since 2001. Her private Feldenkrais practice focuses on restoring efficient and comfortable movement, whatever the limitation or concern. She also offers Bones for Life® classes that promote bone density and safe alignment for aging bodies.  She is a certified Child’Space® parent educator, helping families to support their babies’ neuromuscular development through touch, particularly during the critical period from birth to independent walking. She served as assistant trainer for NYC Child’Space Professional Training: the Chava Shelhav Method that graduated October 2014. Janelle completed her Feldenkrais training in 1994.

Janelle currently offers private Functional Integration® sessions, weekly Awareness Through Movement® classes, special workshops and related events.

Contact Janelle: janelle@seattlefeldenkrais.com | 206.354.9433 | www.seattlefeldenkrais.com