KAREN FUHRWERK | Wallingford


Karen Fuhrwerk, OT, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®,  is a movement advocate in her personal and professional life. The Feldenkrais Method has been the foundation for her own self-care and self-expression for over 25 years and as an Occupational Therapist she has utilized it in patient recovery and rehab. Unique to the Feldenkrais Method is the cultivation of aware proprioception and kinesthesia, with universal application to life, movement skills and comfort. After years of personal and OT rehab application, she completed her Feldenkrais professional training in 2012 with Jeff Haller.

Karen currently offers private Functional Integration® sessions, weekly Awareness Through Movement® classes, special workshops and related events.

Contact Karen: fuhrwerk@aol.com | 206.547.8522