Mary Klueber | Ballard


Through my work, I have come to believe that our feet vitally impact every aspect of our body and are the foundation of our well-being.

I am passionate about helping people resolve their foot pain. Clients regain the capacity participate in activities they may have left behind and move through the world with improved balance, freedom, ease and grace as well as feeling increased confidence and stability while performing every day activities. I partner with clients—utilizing movement education, functional exercise and hands on Functional Integration work to assist in the re-enlivening, re-awakening and re-vitalization of the amazing biomechanical capacity of the most complex engineered and under appreciated aspect of our anatomy related to movement—the feet!

I bring a lifetime of movement studies as an athlete and coach, Feldenkrais Method Certification and Physical Therapist Assistant licensure, fitting over 16,000 pairs of shoes and boots and study with the work of a renowned natural foot health podiatrist to my practice. This is a very personal and passionate mission, having experienced and journeyed through much injury and pain as well as health, healing and vitality challenges over my lifetime.  

Private sessions and group classes include balance-related topics and easier everyday movement as well as presentations on “How to find properly fitting shoes and boots” and “Resolving foot pain naturally.”

The path toward vitality is available and waiting.  I look forward to talking with you. Please call for a free 15-minute consultation. 

Mary currently offers private Functional Integration® sessionsspecial workshops, online sessions and related classes.

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