Peggy Protz | Ballard


Peggy Protz, GCFP, brings a lifetime of movement and personal exploration to her work. Starting dance at age five, she trained professionally through high school and college, and was a Pilates instructor for 15 years. While teaching Pilates at a physical therapy clinic, she became fascinated by how the quality of a person’s movement could directly affect their quality of life. This observation, along with her own quest for physical freedom, led her to study various approaches to the body, including yoga, the Alexander Technique, contact dance, and massage, all of which shape her current practice of Feldenkrais. Ever creative, Peggy’s ongoing explorations through improvisational dance and meditation deeply inform her work. She tends to be highly intuitive about what’s needed, and enjoys guiding people to develop their own process of exploring and learning about themselves. Peggy completed her Feldenkrais training in 2001.

Peggy currently offers private Functional Integration® sessionsspecial workshops and related classes.

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