Tara Cash | Loyal Heights


Tara Cash, GCFP, began her private practice in Sacramento, CA, with a focus on working with disabled children. In 2013 she moved to Seattle and began studying techniques for healing early developmental trauma. Helping clients find (or reconnect with) their internal compass provides a deep and profound sense of knowing SELF from the inside out. In Tara’s experience, being in harmony with ourselves inherently affects our physical, emotional and spiritual alignment as well. She loves witnessing her clients’ “Ah Ha!” moments bridging present time and never-ending possibilities for healing and wholeness. Tara completed her Feldenkrais training in 2003 and was certified in the Anat Baniel Method in 2004. 

Tara currently offers private Functional Integration® sessionsspecial workshops and related classes.

Contact Tara: cash.tara@gmail.com | 206.953.8600 | www.BridgeToConnection.com