What The World Needs Now is Love

By Carrie Lafferty, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

The title of a song from my youth. Something my grandfather (who was and still is my teacher/hero) used to say. It’s still true. What the world need now is love.

Love that is born of a deep abiding presence. Love that is inclusive. Love that is discerning but not judgmental. Love that acts from this place…with compassion, altruism and kindness.

Love is the energetic force that binds life together. Love is the thread that truly knows and lives within each of us. Love is whole. Love is.

My heart breaks with the pain and suffering we are inflicting upon each other, our plant and animal brothers and sisters, and our own Mother, Mother Earth.

All arising from fear and the deep-seated yet ignorant belief that we are separate. Separate from each other, separate from other than human beings and separate from Nature. Illusion. This is not reality.

Deep abiding presence transforms fear through it’s glue...love.

I can only turn towards the pain from this place. Gently yet persistently opening to include all that is…and isn’t.

We are all being impacted by the deep chasm of fear present in our world. I can offer love in big and small ways. First of all feel. Feel life move through. In its entirety. Vivid, alive and truly felt and experienced.

Each moment I allow myself to drop in and truly feel my grief, sadness, horror, anger and incredulousness at what humans do, I am allowing those emotions to move through. I want to allow them a sled of presence, friendliness and true felt sense noticing to slide through upon. This is love in action. What the world need now is love.

Take my eyes off the screen and look into another’s eyes. Especially a stranger and those dear ones that are close to me. Offer a smile, a warm look or a gesture of kindness. We never know exactly how the world is impacting another. May we only offer kindness and love.

Go outside. Feel the elements directly. Vivid, alive and truly felt. Sense the deep abiding presence of water, trees, stones and fire. They are the cellular building blocks making up our very presence. They are our unwavering and truly wise internal guiding system. We are Earth. Earth is us.

I know the capacity for fear lives in me and in all of us. I know that love is the interconnected energetic glee that binds all. I know that deep awareness and skillful embodied observational practices are the means to make the transmutation from fear to love.

I feel the grief, sadness and fear that is alive right now in our world. In our collective consciousness and our personal consciousnesses. I also feel the deep awakening love that is emerging in all peoples around the globe.

I choose to cultivate kindness, embodied awareness, creativity, open curiosity and infuse it all through deep abiding present moment love. For all that is…and isn’t. What the world needs now is love.